Sellers- Organize Your Cluttered Garage in 5 Simple Steps

Is your garage cramped and overflowing?  If you are tired of dealing with the chaos of a disorganized garage, then it's time to make your space start working for you.  Follow these five easy steps for a clean, orderly space you can efficiently use in no time!  


  1. Make A Plan- Like with any renovation, it's imperative that you keep a goal in mind before you begin your garage overhaul.  What is your purpose for organizing the space?  Would you like a little more room for your car?  Do you want to create a functioning work space?  Or maybe you need additional storage.  It'll be much easier to effectively organize your cluttered garage once you have a clear purpose.  Determine your priorities before moving on to the next step. 
  2. Choose Storage Solutions- It's possible that your garage simply needs a good organizational overhaul.  It's also possible that you will need to purchase additional or alternative storage solutions.  Utility shelving and peg-boards are popular choices for garages and can be picked up inexpensively at most home improvement stores.  Overhead storage racks are a spacious alternative to traditional shelving.  Bulky or rarely-used items, like holiday decorations or camping equipment, fit nicely on such hanging racks while staying out of sight and off the floor.  
  3. Purge- Once you have a good idea of what you'd like your garage to look like, set aside a time to go through everything currently in the space as well as anything you'd like to store there in the future. This may take a while, so give yourself ample time.  If possible, empty the space completely.  Once it's cleaned out, you'll have an easier time deciding what goes back in.  One good rule of thumb for minimalizing is this: aside from tools, seasonal items, and emergency equipment, anything that hasn't been used in over a year can probably be sold, donated, or trashed.  
  4. Sort- Everything that remains after you clear out unwanted or unused items can now be sorted into groups.  Take a moment to check our plan to make sure you ave a space designated for each group; if not, take a minute to re-evaluate.  Do you need to add a small space for sporting equipment or craft supplies?  Maybe you forgot to factor in a few items in storage?  Don't be afraid to adjust your plan as you go. 
  5. Label & Store- Now that your items are sorted, you can begin the process of labeling and sorting.  To effectively maintain your storage system, it's important that everything not only has a place, but that those places are clearly labeled.  Keep in mind that the items you use most often should be the easiest to access. 

The only trick to keeping the disarray at bay is to make sure everything belongs somewhere.  You don't necessarily need a special storage system just for yard equipment, but do make sure that whatever yard tools you have are kept together in a desinated area.  The easier it is to find and access items, the easier it will be to maintain the cleanliness of your newly organized garage! 

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